Pain Management

Pain is the most common reason people seek medical attention. Compounded medications for pain management are prepared to provide relief for a variety of pain manifestations. Chronic pain can have multiple causes and perpetuating factors, therefore it can be more challenging to manage than acute pain. A multidisciplinary approach using customized treatment through compounding can improve patient outcomes.

Our compounded topical creams are formulated to deliver relief and may reduce unpleasant side effects sometimes found with oral medications. Transdermal creams and gels are formulated to provide high concentrations directly at the site of pain for trigger point application, or in a base that will allow for systemic absorption. Stomach discomfort, drug dependency, and unwanted side effects such as fatigue, dizziness, and discomfort often accompany traditional manufactured pain medications.

Transdermal delivery can:

  • Delivered directly to the pain receptors
  • Minimizes systemic absorption
  • Targets numerous pain receptors at once
  • May reduce adverse effects
  • May reduce drug-drug interactions
  • May be less addictive than oral formulations
  • Good option for patients who cannot tolerate oral medications

Patients who suffer from pain are often on more than one medication. A prepared compound may combine multiple medications into one cream or pill for greater convenience and comfort. Treatment may involve medications containing pain relieving properties such as antidepressants, anticonvulsants, anti-arrhythmic, anesthetics, antiviral agents, and NMDA antagonists. By combining agents which use different mechanisms to alter pain sensation, smaller concentrations of each medication can be used.